Copper Door Awnings from Riverside Copper

Copper Door Awnings Can Transform the Exterior of a Home or Office

Remodeling or renovating an existing structure using copper door awnings is a significant way to enhance the value of the home or commercial property. Copper is a natural, sustainable material that when properly fabricated and installed can last for decades.

For centuries, architects have used copper to fabricate window and door awnings to provide the appearance of elegance and stately tradition. Many homes and businesses with copper door awnings also incorporate copper into the structure’s weathervanes, chimney caps, gutters and cupolas. The beauty and elegance of this natural sustainable material can dress up the façade and exterior of any home or commercial property.

  Architectural Uses for Door Awnings

Architects and builders are always making critical decisions about the selection of materials used in a renovation or remodeling project. They consider the recyclability, environmental friendliness, coating, finishes, lifespan, performance and the ease-of-use of any product they install. Even though copper often has a higher price than other available alternatives, it is the material of choice. It adds distinctive characteristics to a structure that is impossible to replicate with any other materials available today.

 The Longevity of Copper

Copper used in architectural structures has a tremendous longevity. Because of its lifespan that can easily last for generations, it provides a cost-effective solution in door awnings, window awnings, roofing and cladding. In the US alone, copper has been used for 200 years or more on many commercial and residential homes. All across Europe, many homes and businesses continue to stay protected by copper roofing, cladding and awnings installed over 400 years ago.

 Strong, Durable and Natural Aging

There is a specific reason for the longevity and durability of copper. While most metals have an underlying problem with aging due to natural wear, damage, and corrosion from rust, copper builds its own natural patina as a safeguard. The natural aging process of copper causes a very thin layer of patina to form on the exterior of the metal. This first displays itself as a natural browning with speckles of black.

Over time the brown and black hues develop into blues and greens until full oxidation of the copper surface is complete. The natural patina can take up to three decades to form. Once the patina is complete the underlying copper is fully protected for centuries. The durability added to the product through its natural patina requires virtually no maintenance for upkeep, and will remain its beautiful natural color against even the harshest exterior elements.

 Architectural Styles

Fabricators can create a style to match any existing structure. The beauty of the copper door awning can complement a modern, contemporary home or office building, or one that is more traditional in style. Fabricators can create standing seam awnings and dome awnings to enhance a contemporary, modern structure or a wedge awning for a more traditional, Victorian appearance.

Iron Bracketing Available

Many older styles of copper door awnings use iron bracketing as a support system. The iron brackets can add a beautiful effect to the copper door awning. They are designed in a variety of styles and options to complement any design. However, architects can design door awnings that do not require iron bracketing, which are simply held in place as a standalone unit.

Other Options

Many architects, designing a specific style of home or commercial property, require that the finished fabricated part already have the patina without the requirement of waiting 30 years or more. United States fabricators can easily create a patina almost instantly, using chemicals.

Choosing to install copper window and door awnings is a wise choice in creating a unique style that is long-lasting and durable. With the ability of US fabricators to design and manufacture every style by hand, any homeowner or business owner can have the desired look they want for the exterior of their structure.